2020 Preakness Stakes Latest Betting Tips

2020 Preakness Stakes Latest Betting Tips

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The Preakness Stakes, which is the second leg of the U.S. Triple Crown Series will start on May 16, 2020. The said racing event will celebrate its 145th renewal, and will still find its home in Pimlico Park. Although it follows the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes is an equally important horse racing event that must be won by a horse racer to be worthy of the Triple Crown title.

As such, a lot of jockeys have expressed their interest in joining the said event. In fact, the horse racing community already hyped-up the horse racing fans by releasing early the analysis odds. These will help attract every punter to bet for their desired entries, especially those horses that might be worthy of the Preakness Stakes title this year.

But if you think that Preakness betting will be easy, think again. It will demand a lot of time, effort, and money to begin with. How to Bet on the Preakness Stakes 2020 Race needs thorough research and an effective betting strategy to earn big. Therefore, let us show you some simple yet efficient ways to make the most out of Preakness Stakes betting.

Review Horse’s Previous Performances

The Preakness Stakes, along with other races that complete the Triple Crown Series, is attended by three-year-old horses. It means that they should be able to produce racing forms that are composed of previous racing events they took part in. It is also one way of checking whether the entry you’re going to bet on Preakness is reliable.

Besides, betting the Preakness can be easy if you know the horse’s previous performances. Make sure that you review their last racing records. Check their speed records such as the furlong distance they completed placing in the said event. In this way, you can compare every entry and select which one you should wager.

Bet on Exacta

Horse racing fans and seasoned bettors would like to wager on either Win, Place, and Show. These are the easiest horse racing bets you can gamble, which can give you a great amount of payout. You can also win in this betting game easily because it does not require too much knowledge and betting amount.

On the other hand, if you like to make your Preakness betting a fruitful one, you can work with Exacta betting. It is quite a difficult gambling game to do because you need to select two entries that you think will win first and second place in the right order. 

The reason why Exacta betting is right for Preakness is because you’ll already know what the horse racers can offer after they joined the Kentucky Derby. Aside from that, the payout is also huge.

Bet on Favourite Jockeys and Horses

Pro bettors mostly maintain a consistent betting game because they bet on the favourites. Aside from the horses’ skills, the jockeys are also another factor to consider since they play a significant role inside the racing field. They are the ones who control the horses, making sure that they apply every running technique to ace the competition.

Aside from the favourite jockeys, successful betting on Preakness Stakes is highly achievable if you bet on the favourite horses. The bookies list the entries who earned notable titles in the past and are considered as the most eligible candidates to win the title. That’s why favourite horses are excellent bets in the Preakness Stakes.

Hence, you must get updated with the most popular horse athletes and their jockeys. In case the jockey is not as popular as the horse racer during the Preakness, make sure to weigh your options and go back to the betting strategy you have formulated.

Go for Challenging Bets

The Preakness Stakes, like other horse racing showdown, also carries more challenging wagering games. Aside from Exacta, you can try to wager in the Trifecta. It allows you to pick at least three possible winners. These entries must finish first, second, and third place, and in exact order.

Apart from that, there’s also the Superfecta, the most difficult bet among the three. It is where you get the chance to select four participants who can win first, second, third, and fourth in the exact order. These betting games in the Preakness are quite challenging, but the payouts are big and heavy. It only takes courage and timing to be able to win this betting category.


The 2020 Preakness Stakes is still far, yet the horse racing fans are already excited to take part in the betting games. As stated, this horse racing show offers massive wagering prizes, and if you bet correctly, you will go home with a full pocket. 

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